Office Policies

We require masks, regardless of vaccination status. We schedule by appointment only and ask that if you want a same day appointment you call, rather than simply walk in. Thank you.

What can I expect on my first visit?

I wanted to take a moment with you and give you an expectation of how your first visit and my office will go. 

For starters, there is some paperwork. I know, everybody hates paperwork, nobody more than me. Unfortunately, it's one of the realities of being a doctor that I have to document everything, and I also have to get as much information from you as possible. Some of the forms you have to fill out are mandated by the government (sigh) and some are important for me to be able to correctly help you. The paperwork usually takes about 7-9 min. After that, you and I will sit down, and we will discuss what brings you to the office, your history, and I will try to get from you an idea of what you want me to help you with.

One of the biggest myths about chiropractic, or chiropractors, is that you have to keep coming back "forever". Hopefully, you will not find on the case in my office.

My belief is that when you come to my office, you are "hiring me" to be your expert. That means I work for you, I do not "tell you what to do". I strongly believe that everybody has a right to make a choice about their own health care. The job you that you are "hiring me" to do is to use all of my experience and expertise to try to find out what is going on with your body, and then help you understand that as clearly as possible, and give you options. Your part is then to tell me what you want to do about it. I do not make people's "life choices" for them, that is their responsibility, not mine. My goal is to accurately find out what you want, and then do my best to explain to you what I can do for you.

Part of your first visit involves an examination. That is where I will take you through some range of motion, some orthopedic and neurological testing and try to assess what may be causing whatever problem brought you to my office.

If I feel that x-rays are necessary, I will explain to you why I feel it is necessary. I do not force people to have x-rays taken. If you do not want to have x-rays taken, I will respect that decision, and merely ask you to complete a form indicating that I have suggested that x-rays should be taken, and that you had declined to this and understand the risks. It doesn't mean that I can't treat you, it just means that I may have to choose some more "gentle" treatment methods.

After I have taken you through the history and examination, we will then discuss my findings, and I will give you some options as to what I can do for you. If, after that, you decide to begin treatment with me, we will go ahead and begin treating you.

Call my office at (208) 856-0048 and we'll get you scheduled for your exam.