Office Policies

We require masks, regardless of vaccination status. We schedule by appointment only and ask that if you want a same day appointment you call, rather than simply walk in. Thank you.

Why Chiropractic?

Sometimes, I am asked a question that still makes me laugh. People ask me “Why did you become a Chiropractor instead of a ‘real’ doctor?” It amazes me how people think that medicine is the only profession that owns the title of ‘Doctor’, and that medicine is the only way to help people.

Let me share an example with you that I think will help you understand what I mean. A few weeks ago we had a patient come into the office. She had been suffering with chronic headaches for several weeks. Despite the care of her medical doctor and a neurologist, her headaches were unchanged. After a full examination in our office and some ultrasound therapy, we adjusted her. Immediately after being adjusted, she felt a lightening of her headache, and within a few visits was feeling very much improved. I don’t mention this to say that Chiropractic is superior to medicine, just that sometimes people have problems that conventional medicine isn't very effective in helping.

Another example of this is my oldest son. He was born with a congenital heart problem and required open heart surgery at 6 days old. As a Chiropractor, there was nothing I could have done for him. I will forever be grateful for the unbelievable skill of the medical doctors who saved his life.

In my mind, Chiropractic and Medicine are just two of many different fields of healthcare.

I chose to be a Chiropractor because it has helped my life, and I have seen it help the lives of many others. Helping people enjoy an improved quality of life is what makes being a Chiropractor so satisfying to me.